No big tech censorship, no creepy pixel technology for targeted ads, no shady "fact-checked" post hijacking. Speak freely.

What is Strillo?

Strillo, meaning to shout or scream, is a free speech based social network where you can express your opinions without the worry of big tech censorship. No matter if you lean left or right, your opinions are valued. No creepy pixel technology to show you targeted ads based on your searches on the web and no shady "fact-checked" post hijacks on your feed. Just you, expressing yourself and connecting with friends and family.

With a familiar user interface, you can jump right into the discussion, upload your photos, link to videos, news and so much more. We also keep your information private, it is not sold or made available to third parties. It's your data, do what you want with it. The main purpose of Strillo is to allow our members to post worry-free of any type of stupid censorship just because their opinions may not be the same as big tech.

We are an American company, with American values and we want to provide you with the voice you deserve. We love the United States and want to see it flourish so it benefits the people, not the corrupt.

What Strillo is NOT

We are not a safe haven for those who want to use our platform for illegal activity, hate-mongering, inciting any type of violence, planning illegal activities etc. If that is you, pass us by.

We are a Republic

Unlike the shady big tech networks, Strillo operates in full transparency and gives our members a voice on how we grow, together. When it comes to new features, new terms of service and other topics, we encourage our members to cast their vote on the proposed items and have their voices heard.

Strillo is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pineda Enterprises.
Corporate: https://corp.strillo.net/